Having to say “We have run out” is equivalent to lost sales. FLT prevents supply shortfalls through active product range management. We manage inventories, modules, and sales promotional materials, and we generate additional sales through corresponding sales campaigns and additional placements. We deploy our qualified and experienced employees for your success.

You specify the duration and frequency of visits to your store, and of course we respond flexibly and are ready to help you in case of seasonal fluctuations.

Why work with us

  • we are 100% reliable. We work openly and with high expectations of ourselves.
  • we are 100 % trustworthy. We want to grow with you, and are committed to achieving your goals.
  • we are 100 % professional. We send our best experts with product affinity to your store.
  • we are 100 % transparent. No paperwork. We manage information and project releases via FLT’s own app.

Do you want to avoid empty shelves? Let us take care of it!

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