Sales Promotion for your growth

We make your brands and products massive with targeted sales campaigns.

In collaboration with you, we develop integrated strategies for the targeted growth of your brands’ and products’ popularity on the market. We leverage all of our industry experience for your project.

Do you already have a precise plan of how you want everything to proceed? No problem – we implement existing strategies 1:1. You don’t have a precise plan yet? No problem either – we would be happy to develop new strategies jointly with you.

Customer training/Levelcoaching®

Store employees generate your turnover. Invest in their know-how!

Especially with more complex ranges and products that require some explanation, the quality of the sales talk and your sales workforce’s professional know-how are decisive for your sales success!

We rely on levelcoaching®, a training tool that enables our sales force team to teach your most important messages and contents directly on site to all employees who sell your products. And in a sustainable and measurable way!

Why work with us

  • we are 100% flexible. Individual projects with and without a predefined project schedule are not a challenge for us.
  • we are 100% enthusiastic. Of your products. We identify with your brand world and start our work enthusiastically.
  • we are 100% professional. Our own training team with product affinity to support you.

The action plan and implement together?

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