Highly qualified and experienced service specialists

We operate internationally, put together an individual team of experts for our partners and are genuine store space professionals. For example, we look after complete departments and product groups in leading DIY stores, ensuring supply reliability, training employees, handling redesigns, etc.
You can discover more about us in the BaumarktManager article from July 2019: (unfortunately this is only available in German)

FLT history

  • 1992

    Foundation of FLT Handel und Service GmbH

    100% subsidiary of J.W. Ostendorf Group. Over 25 years of experience, a large number of successfully completed projects and happy business partners. We would like to say thank you for your putting your trust in us.

  • 2004

    Staff transfer to FLT

    In 2004, JWO’s field staff were integrated into FLT.
    In the years that followed, the FLT team not only carried out all service activities for JWO, but also planned and carried out redesign projects for other clients.


  • 2014

    Process digitalisation

    Introduction of the latest hardware and software, extensive digitalisation of all processes using specially developed application programs for the service sector.

  • 2015

    Expansion of service range

    Targeted reorganisation and expansion of the FLT workforce structure in order to be able to successfully take over field service activities for other DIY store suppliers in the future. Further development of FLT workforce, adaptation of the technical equipment to the new tasks.


  • 2018

    a part of Hempel

    On 1 October 2018, JWO (as the FLT parent company) was taken over by Hempel.

  • 2020

    Expansion of external services in Deco Europe

    FLT currently offers its services in 8 countries.


0% paper – 100% transparency for you: the FLT app

We introduced a completely paperless workflow in 2014. We group our various digital interfaces in FLT’s own app. This means that our field force employees always have an overview of customer data on their tablets: store floor plans, modules, performance data or sales catalogues. All briefings and tasks are also distributed digitally and centrally via the FLT app.

As a customer, you have your own account for server access. This gives you a full overview of the current status in real-time. Thanks to photographic documentation and redesign reports, project approval can also be handled easily and transparently.

What our employees say

“In FLT I have found an employer that meets all my career wishes and needs. I am very happy to be a part of this genuinely highly skilled and supportive team”.