Flexible field service capacity

We are your external field force, flexibly adaptable to your capacity requirements. Our range of services is as flexible as we are: you can book your desired range of service packages with us. Thanks to FLT’s targeted shelf filling and materials management service, you won’t have any out of stock problems. And we are also your partner for active DIY store service when it comes to product range support, sales promotion, redesigns or customer training.

What FLT Service offers you

Product range support

Having to say “We’ve run out” means unnecessary loss of sales in customer contact. FLT prevents this for you …


Your goods attractively presented in the store space. Our target for you: boosting turnover and …

Sales Promotion

We make you and your goods popular. Our targeted marketing strategies ensure that your customers know who you are …

Customer training/Levelcoaching®

Keeping your store employees and trainees directly informed about product range expansions, sales promotions, etc., we offer online training – in an agile way and …

Business Partnering

We want to grow with you. This includes sharing our experience with you and …

Shelf and filling service

Your goods reach the shelf just in time. This is how you can implement campaigns in good time, …

Efficient and intelligent route planning

We use the professional PTV® software to ensure that our field force can reach you in store efficiently and in a centrally controlled way – and preferably by the shortest route.

  • Centrally controlled by FLT’s headquarters
  • Efficient routes with the shortest route selection
  • Capacity and deployment planning thanks to clear route planning
  • Full transparency for you

What our employees say

“Why I enjoy working for FTL……? Here I get the opportunity to apply my acquired knowledge and skills in a profitable way within a dynamic team and to become a permanent pillar of FLT’s field service. The tools I am provided with, such as the iPad and its programs, which are tailored to our work, empower me to offer our clients the best possible service on behalf of FLT. Progressiveness, performance and transparency are not only a hallmark of FLT, but also of the team behind it”.

Our vision:

Growing together: We leverage more than 25 years of industry experience to help your business grow. To make sure this happens, we put our best expert team at your disposal.


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